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Full-stack developer Internship (Blockchain project – Kryptovaluta)

Sverige Tech Internship

Looking for 2-3 passionate full-stack developer interns. ( 3 months duration, can be extended to potential full-time employment)

At Kryptoskatt we are building the next-generation Fintech and Regtech platform to support the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

The platform offers enterprise-ready tools for individuals, businesses, accounting firms, and regulators.

We have a huge list of backlog tasks to finish and a short amount of time.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Full-stack development experience.
  • Comfortable with React JS, Gatsby, Material UI frameworks
  • Comfortable with Firebase and Google Cloud.
  • Passionate and Sincere individual.
  • Interested to be part of the early team and in the success of the company.
  • A decent understanding of blockchain technologies.
  • Ethereum development experience is a plus.


We are a small startup company and have limited funds to launch the product into the market. The internship will be an unpaid internship.

If you made significant contributions and are essential to the launch of the product into the market, you will be compensated from future investments and sales accordingly.

In addition, you will gain a lot of experience working on a real project.

For more information or questions please contact us at contact@kryptoskatt.com

Om Kryptoskatt

KryptoSkatt is a one-stop-shop solution that offers different services for individuals, enterprises, and governments across the globe working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We provide the tools necessary to ensure easier tax calculations, reporting, and portfolio management services.

We are solving the problems related to digital asset portfolio management and regulatory compliance. As the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem are growing there is an increasing need for user and enterprise-friendly software.  

We at Kryptoskatt believe that in order to contribute to this growing ecosystem, we need solutions that are scalable and modular. Together with our background and experience in this space, we are confident that we have the necessary resources to build technology that will drive innovation in this space.